More data sources and application programming interface (API)

Here are the sources of information that are used for PaediatricData.EU and for related publications. As the website is further developed, data will be extracted from further sources and combined to create a unique set of information with added value. This work should be relevant and interesting for patients, parents, health professionals, institutions or organisations.


For more insights and technical access, an application programming interface (API) can be provided upon request to access some of the data sources. In addition, a software package is provided for accessing protocol- and result-related information on clinical trials in public registers .

Sources of data used in this website

Topic (with link to source)OriginatorProgrammatically accessible (API) in PaediatricData.EUExample analysis in
Paediatric investigation plans (PIPs)European Medicines AgencyYesEMA PIPs web app (updated daily)
EU Clinical Trials Register paediatric trialsEuropean Medicines AgencyYes (protocol- and results-related information for all trials in the register)Investigating adult cancer medicines in children
Assessment reports of paediatric data (Article 46)European Medicines AgencyYesEMA EPARs web app (for centrally authorised products; updated daily; tab Assessment reports)
Assessment reports on paediatric dataCo-ordination Group for Mutual Recognition and Decentralised proceduresNo
Centrally authorised medicines European Public Assessment reportsEuropean Medicines AgencyYesInvestigating adult cancer medicines in children

EMA EPARs web app (updated daily)
Written Requests (WRs) for pediatric studies: List of Determinations and List of WRs issuedFood and Drug AdministrationNot yetFDA WRs
Reviews of Pediatric Studies Conducted under BPCA and PREA: from 2012 to present and from 2007-2012Food and Drug AdministrationNot yetFDA Assessments pediatric drug trialsU.S. National Library of MedicineYes (for all trials and information in the register)Innovation

Investigating adult cancer medicines in children


Herold, Ralf. 2018. Ctrdata: R Package to Aggregate and Analyse Information on Clinical Trials from Public Registers.

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